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Session of Inducation, 19.30 min., © 2013

Session of Inducation, 19.30 min., 2013 from Evaldas Jansas on Vimeo.

During the course of the exhibition Lithuanian Art 2012: 18 Exhibitions at the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius, the Los Angeles based artist Marcos Lutyens performed a hypnotic induction aimed at dematerialising the monument of Frank Zappa (erected by a community of artists in Vilnius in 1995). The project was made up of a targeted series of inductions that offered a pre-selected group of volunteers the experience of transformation and metamorphoses through hypnosis. Evaldas Jansas documented the inductions while simultaneously mixing video documentation of the exhibition and sound recorded from contact microphones and a special circuit for receiving ground signals placed on the Frank Zappa monument itself.

„Laisvė kurti“/Freedom to Create (EN subtitles), 2011

This documentary film is about the prisoners, creating in places of detention. The film director listens attentively to the prisoners’ stories, where the leitmotifs of mistakes made in life, punishment and creative work, serving as a form of liberation, intertwine. Showing the world through the eyes of prisoners or social underworld, Jansas puts the spectator into such a context, which we normally do not want to know anything about – he treats us with a full-length portion of rich and specific contradictory reality not wrapped into glossy ideological paper, without imposing one truth or any in advance prepared responses.