Evaldas Jansas ŠMC TV/for CAC TV, (EN subtitles), © 2005

Evaldas Jansas for CAC TV, 2005 from Evaldas Jansas on Vimeo.

Evaldas Jansas is one of the first artists who produced a CAC TV. Since October 2004 the producers of the CAC TV introduce a weekly program to the audience of a commercial television with a slogan “Every program is a pilot, every program is the final episode” and intend to cannibalize and alter the format of a cultural or a publicist TV program. Evaldas Jansas adapts the TV format in order to raise questions of endings, evolutions, degradation and re-volution in the social and economic field of culture. His program is an obituary to the “Lietuva” cinema (more info at vilma.cc/LIETUVA), TV (illustrated with the cuts form yearly ceremony of awards for the cultural TV programs), cultural politics (introduced with the shots and discussions raised by the official assemblies of Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association and Lithuanian Artists’ Union). Also, it is an “accompaniment for karaoke capitalism”, to use the words of J.Ridderstrale and K.A.Nordstrom that are adapted by Jansas, and a virtual forum of discussions about a “falsely portrayed position” (Donatas Vaisnoras) as well as the possibility of a revolutionary act.